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Face Yoga

Face Yoga is held ONLINE.

Keep your skin elastic and achieve a fuller facial appearance

“Face Yoga is a set of practices that strengthen muscles, giving a fuller facial appearance, and stretch muscles and fascia to provide a symmetrical length to the face. The 57 muscles on the face, when relieved of tension, relax. This influences wrinkles, making them softer or disappearing. Through exercises, massage, and acupressure, we also affect circulation, lymph, and acupressure points that help us become aware of and relax tensions, both physical and emotional. Face Yoga is a combination of acupressure techniques and yoga basics, offering a natural and effective way to keep your skin elastic and maintain a radiant complexion.”

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Online Classes

At Yoga Balance, we offer online Yoga for the Face classes, which are thematically selected to target specific areas of the face. These may include general exercises focusing, for example, on the upper or lower part of the face or specifically on smaller areas such as the neck, eyes, lips, cheeks, forehead, and more.

Workshops - Invite us to your city

Yoga for Face Workshops are conducted on request, and we come to your city! Our previous Yoga for Face workshops have been very successful. After the workshop, you will receive a recording with exercises and massage techniques.

Individual Consultation

Individual counseling for Face Yoga is tailored exclusively to your face.

1. Face Scanning

We meet online 3 to 4 times, where after the first meeting, we scan your face.

3. Progress and Further Exercises

At the third meeting, we review progress and discuss further exercises.

2. Exercise Instructions

During the second meeting, you receive instructions on how and how much to exercise.

4. Results and Summary

Before-and-after pictures are shared, with your consent, to allow both the instructor and the participant to see the change.

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