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Yoga Retreat

We invite you to join us on a journey of diving into inner peace and contentment through our Yoga Retreat program!

Yoga Retreat

SHAKTI YOGA RETREAT, by Vanja i Ivana, Iž - Program


Dear Sister,
Sit with us in a healing circle, take a deep, soft inhalation to open space in your body for receiving support and allow your next slow exhalation to take away any tension and stress.
We are delighted to invite you to our Shakti yoga retreat which offers a rich program carefully designed to help you connect with your inner self and embrace your feminine essence.
Shakti, the divine energy within us, is vibrant, powerful and wild. It creates and nourishes. Yet, due to the way of modern life, stress and tiring daily routines, Shakti becomes inactive within us.
This retreat is a right place for you if you are feeling overwhelmed and distant from yourself, if you’ve built walls around you and taken on too much load on your shoulders.
This space will offer a chance to reflect, let go, and reconnect with your true self.

If you are ready to open up, dive into your depths, enjoy and explore, heal and kiss your wounds and then dance with chaos, be vulnerable and sensual and all that is your true essence – we are here to support you!
Take your place in a circle of women and embrace the power of sisterhood. The women’s circle is a safe and warm space where we connect with each other.
We hold each other’s hand on the way to finding ourselves. Here, you can allow yourself to become soft and ready to be aware of your needs. In the circle, you sit exactly as you are and after a long time you can be without a mask, without a role and without fear.

You will learn and discover your path through morning yoga cleansing rituals, dynamic vinyasa practice, soft afternoon yin yoga, face yoga, meditation, yoga nidra, rituals and women circles.
There will be plenty of free time for swimming, sun bathing and integration.

You will be nourished by delicious vegetarian/vegan breakfast and dinner prepared with fresh, local ingredients.

What you can expect at this retreat:

Program coming soon
Women’s circle
Where are we located?

Island of Iž, Zadar County, Croatia, European Union

Price in total: EUR 1,050.00

Deposit: EUR 400.00 The remaining balance you can pay prior to the arrival.

We look forward to meeting you,
Vanja & Ivana

Yoga Balance Way Retreat Otok Iž

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