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Prenatal Yoga

Yoga za trudnice je divan način za ženu da i tijekom trudnoće ostane
u dobroj fizičkoj formi te da se pripremi za porod.

The types of yoga we practice

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga provides support to a woman throughout her pregnancy with its benefits and serves as an excellent preparation for a healthy childbirth and quick recovery afterward.

In terms of physical preparation, the emphasis is on opening the body and creating a sense of space for the growing baby, opening the chest and back, as well as gentle stretching of the spine. Yoga poses are practiced to help release the pelvis and reduce weight in the legs.
Mental preparation involves getting ready for childbirth by strengthening willpower and inner resilience, as well as establishing contact with one’s own intuition and connecting with inner strength.

Expecting mothers, reach out to us if you want to prepare for childbirth in a healthy and natural way! Previous experience in yoga is not necessary, and the benefits you will gain from the practices are numerous.

Yoga za trudnice slika


Reduces nausea
Positively affects the baby’s position
Stimulates bowel and digestive functions
Improves respiratory functions
Strengthens pelvic muscles
Establishes inner peace

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