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With you, we share our knowledge and insights so that you too can find the path to a conscious, joyful, and passionate life.

In brief about the founder

Hi! I'm Ivana and...

Foundations of Women's Circles and Childhood Connection

The dream of women’s circles originated from my childhood, observing women in my family coming together, creating a sense of connection, belonging, and playful ease. In today’s modern age, the desire to nurture femininity and create one’s tribe has become exceptionally important. In these circles, I see an opportunity for growth, support, and unity among women, as well as a chance to create a gentler world. A world where people see each other as allies, friends, and support.

Inspiration from Mother Earth and Dedication to Spiritual Evolution

Mother Earth is my great Teacher, inspiring me on how to nurture myself and others. She teaches me about connection and its importance to me. How crucial it is to express gratitude, show respect, and care. My life is dedicated to family, personal development, and spiritual evolution. I set aside time daily for myself to maintain a good balance between the external and internal worlds.

Yoga as a Way of Life and Transformation

Yoga is not just a physical exercise on the mat; it is a way of life. This ancient practice has transformed my life in every way. Although I have never been judgmental, today, I am even less so. I view life broadly and deeply, not favoring the limitations imposed by society. My certifications are recognized by Yoga Alliance, a globally recognized association, and I am thus an E-500h Yoga Teacher. Learning never stops as topics related to spirituality, psychology, and the body are so fascinating and intertwined.

Veganism, Healthy Living, and Gardening for Nature Preservation

I follow a vegan and healthy lifestyle. Although gardening is another of my great loves, currently, I find little time for it. My mission is to convey to others the importance of a conscious relationship with nature, emphasizing the significance of preserving a healthy environment that nourishes and supports us all. How do I do it? By example and by sharing my vision.

Vision of Happy, Magical Women

My vision is of women who are happy, magical, content, and living with ease. This vision becomes a reality through workshops and retreats where I encourage women to live fulfilled, supporting each other on the path to happiness and contentment. The goal is to integrate these values into everyday life, to expand joy and wholeness into society, and contribute to the creation of the New Age.

With Ivana Čovo, Yoga Balance Way becomes a guide to the dance of the soul and living in harmony.

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Personal training

Vinyasa i Yin yoga

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About us

We lead you
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We share our knowledge and insights with you so that you too can find the path to a conscious, joyful, and passionate life. Through our programs, we guide you into the present moment.

In addition to regular Vinyasa Yoga and Yin Yoga classes, we also offer the following programs:

Transformative escape for awakening dreams and authenticity in a beautiful sanctuary.

Unique beauty from within and without: self-awareness through a nurturing approach to yoga.

Inner peace in the business world: balance, well-being, and productivity through yoga.

yoga za trudnice

A safe haven for expectant mothers, fostering a connection with the miracle of life.

Personal wellness with a private instructor, even during vacations. Experience unique guidance.

Thematic Workshops

Deep immersion in yoga, self-exploration, and holistic living with the support of a community.

Dive deep into yoga with accredited training for nurturing future instructors.


About Our Programs

We are dedicated to establishing a balance of mind and body.

All programs are conducted with love and dedication to establishing a balance of mind and body, allowing you to lead a healthier and more fulfilling life.

We particularly highlight our beloved Yoga retreat program, where we witness numerous transformations in participants who awaken from lives governed by unconscious habits and finally begin to live their dreams.

In the fast-paced rhythm of everyday life, we carve out time for ourselves—time to pause, become aware, and transform everything that no longer serves our lives. Upon returning to everyday life, we eagerly start anew and create our microcosm and environment that resonates with us.

We passionately advocate for a vegan lifestyle, encouraging us to lift the veil of society’s illusion that places humans above nature.

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